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    Dr. Jacob Abdullahi

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The First Nigerian People: First Edition

by: Dr. Jacob Abdullahi

This book presents the facts of history that most of us with different tongues were from the same stock, and that once upon a time, we had lived together as brothers, sisters and kinsmen in the same location; have spoken one language of which separation brought about dialectical differences. This is to say that, we can now come together in a fresh union for our common goals.
Primarily, the book seeks to increase appreciation of Niger area peoples, ideas, resources and achievements before the British partition of Africa. It is a view of our capabilities, potentials, gifts and capacity to channel our relationship to the world in terms of fostering our identity and belonging.
We wish to celebrate Niger area peoples. Why? Because despite our separations, we are also the Nigeria locus of politics, security. Commerce, science and technology, invention and creativity.
It is important for us to re-ignite our friendship, brotherliness and cordial relationship that existed during the time when many things were not documented.
Nigeria is a multi-ethnic nationality but there are questions that keep coming to minds vis-à-vis:
Who are the Omane (landlords) or the first occupants of the land that later became Nigeria?
Who were the people that occupied the juiciest part of the country in the pre-colonial era?
We are going to beam our searching light on Igala country, Bini Kingdom, Oyo Empire, Jukun (Kwararafa) kingdom, Aro and the caliphate.
Finally, I may have stumbled and omitted some communities/ethnic groups that have strong affiliation to the Niger area people; to them, I beg for your indulgence and the drawing of my attention thereto craved. Naturally, I hope there will be more edition of this work.

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The making of Nigeria Nation It is an indisputable fact of history that Nigeria is a British creation, that the various people of Nigeria were brought together politically by the effort of British officials and traders with the support of the British Government. The great political unit was christened “Nigeria” in 1900 by Flora Shaw, the former colonial correspondent of “the time”, who later became Lugard’s wife. Lagos and Calabar was ceded to be Great Britain in 1861; while Igala country had their treaty drawn with the British Government in 1831 after contact with Mongo Park in 1830; ratified and signed in 1841: the two cities were administered from Great Britain. Sir Lord Lugard: His connection with Nigeria began in 1894 when as a captain then; he led the famous ‘Race to Nikki’ and concluded a treaty with the chief of Bornu. When the British government decided to raise a local militia to protect the western frontiers of the Royal Niger Company (RNC) territory against French advance, Lugard was sent and he organized the West Africa Frontier Force with the headquater at Itobe. (He sojourned in Itobe and later moved to Ajaokuta then to Lokoja). With it, he successfully defended the Western and the Northern frontiers of Nigeria. When the British Government revoked the Royal Niger Company’s charter in 1900, Lord Lugard raised the Union Jack, thus the creation of Nigeria. During his stay in office, he restored peace and order and began the development of the transport and communication networks. Prior to the advent of colonization, the Igala country have an overwhelming influence in the Niger Areas. Please see the events that preceded the advent of Lord Lugard here below; 1817 - There was Benin Masacre 1853- 1861 - Lagos was under the consul of the Bight Of Benin 1853 – 1864 - Calabar Was under the bight of Biafra (Fernado Po) 1864 – 1873 - Consuls for Bight of Benin and bight of Biafra was transferred to Calabar and back to old Calabar 1869 - Consulate at Lokoja was closed 1874 - Lagos was under Gold Coast colony and ruled by Governors 1886 - Lagos was separated from the Gold Coast colony (Ghana) 1891 – 1900 - It was oil rivers and Niger Coast protectorates. 1900 - It became the protectorate of the southern Nigeria after Flora Shaw named it as (Niger Area People) 1900 – 1906 - Lagos colony and Southern Nigeria protectorate was amalgamated and became the colony and protectorate of southern Nigeria After the Royal Niger Company had surrendered their Charter; There was a set up of the protectorate of the Northern Nigeria. 1914 - The two protectorates were amalgamated and became the colony and protectorate of Nigeria 1954 - Mcpherson Constitution provided appointment of governor-general under Sir J.S Mcpherson 1954 – 1960 - There was, the governor-general of the independent Nigeria under Sir J.W. Robertson and Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe 1963 - The Republic of Nigeria under President, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe. The country was divided into four regions and ruled by Governors: Northern region, Eastern region, Southern,Midwestern and Western regions

ISBN: 978-072-627-6
SKU: 1250010010
Publisher: Winners Diagnostic and Resource Center
Publish Date: 2017
Page Count: 85

26th September, 1964

Dr. J.J Abdullahi hails from Braidu district, Dekina local government of Kogi State. He had his primary and post-primary education at Abocho between 1974 and 1984, before proceeding to the school of Basic Studies, Makurdi, in 1985. After his I.J.M.B in 1987, he proceeded to the University of Jos, where he studied Basic Sciences, and later moved into the prestigious Federal college of Medical Laboratory Sciences, at the National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom, Plateau State, where he qualified as a Medical Laboratory Scientist in 1993.

For his Masters Degree in Immunology, J.J Abdullahi enrolled in Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, Edo State, and then ended up with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Health Support Services at the Columbus international University in the United Kingdom.

Contribution in area of health 

After leaving school, Dr. J.J Abdullah worked in private and public sectors of the Nigeria state. His stint at the National Institute for pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD), Idu-Abuja saw him concentrating efforts in researching into Herbal Medicines.

God crowned his effort with a break-through by way of discovery of Winniecure (Herbal Therapy) for the treatment of HIV/AIDS. Thousands of victims of the HIV/AIDS scourge both within and outside Nigeria have benefited tremendously from using the drug. Many Igala and other Kogi State indigenes are either completely free or heavily subsidized HIV drugs provided by him.

He is thus (through the Grace of God) a sustainer of life.

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